3D Furniture Models

Furnishing your own house, is always an important moment of a lifetime. For this reason we help you take the best decision providing a rendering of the custom furniture you desire. All our projects are firstly hand-drawn and presented with a detailed list of all measurements and materials planned to be used. Then, the next step, upon request, is the realization of 3d furniture models.

In fact, thanks to sophisticated softwares, we are able to turn drawings into clear 3D pictures that faithfully represent your desired furniture in your own house. With the right style and proportions! Your ideas will now begin to take form and the whole project will be easier to understand and adjust. In fact, when we talk about custom furniture, we’re not only talking about measures, styles, materials and colours. But many are the details to take care of! Some examples are the position of electrical outlets, the presence of baseboards, the room height, etc. Thanks to the experience of 3 generations, we are at disposal to advise you on how to perfectly furnish every room. So to let your furniture be in harmony with you and your house.

If you’re unsure about your ideas, take the best decision thanks to our 3d furniture models!

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GemmaXFM3D Furniture Models